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One of the best things about this holiday has been the views. Love this place. #Relaxation #MeditationGoing Dairy-free

Being dairy-free for me is not a choice but a lifestyle. Many moons ago in my teenage years, I would happily chow down on a stuffed crust pizza or tub of ice cream, just as much as the next person. Unfortunately, as it does for so many people, lactose intolerance struck when I was 17 and I gradually lost the ability to digest lactose. This was a difficult experience (both mentally and physically!), with stomach cramps and bloating a painful enough occurrence on their own. The headaches, stomach issues, joint pain and lethargy were even worse. I tried reducing my lactose intake and taking lactase supplements to aid digestion, but the pain was so great that I decided to give up dairy altogether.


First breakfast back after a week in Spain. I loved the holiday but gosh did I miss my kitchen! Started strong this morning with vegan banana #pancakes, topped with blueberries, raspberries, chopped banana and @sweetfreedomuk agave syrup Happy Tuesday!My discovery of a dairy-free diet coincided with a handful of brands launching dairy-free (and some lactose-free) alternatives in the UK, and throughout Europe. These brands now offer easy cooking substitutes in the form of dairy-free milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt, and cream. Most of these are vegan products too, so there are plenty of mentions of vegan alternatives throughout the pages of this blog. From here stemmed my huge interest in health food and vegan alternatives. It’s a baffling industry though, and who knows where to start?


My Mission

So the day has finally come : My first ever stack of homemade pancakes! . These ones are chocolate and banana protein pancakes, and I don't think they turned out too badly. They tasted amazing! Try them out with the recipe below #GlutenFree #gf #pancakes #chocolate #banana #stack #syrup . INGREDIENTS • 4 tbsp coconut flour • 2 scoops @MyProtein chocolate whey isolate • 6 whole eggs • 2 egg whites • 2 bananas • 1 tbsp coconut oil • 1 big drizzle of maple syrup and Choc Shot! .That’s where this blog comes in, and I hope I can help you out! Whether you’re giving up dairy due to lactose intolerance, milk allergy, a vegan or paleo diet, or totally different reasons altogether, I hope I can make your journey even just a little bit easier from sharing my experiences with you. See this blog as a quick and easy database of dairy-free hints, tips, treats, and delicious, nutritious products. I’m excited to share all my best tips with you!


New recipe on the blog now! Start your day with a vibrant glass of raspberry, grapefruit and beetroot goodness. Delicious and nutritious! #Juice #Smoothie #Nutribullet

I’m not a trained dietician, chef or fitness coach, but I know how it feels to be lost in a world of branding and packaging, without a clue where to start. I also know how great I feel now I’ve cut all that aggravating dairy out of my diet, and what a difference it made my body and mind. It’s so daunting to think you’ll never eat chocolate, ice cream, cake or pizza ever again, but once you see and taste their amazing dairy-free alternatives, you’ll forget you’re eating differently at all! In fact, I often think we dairy-free people have it better.


So, take a look around my site (I’d recommend starting with milk alternatives) and please let me know what you think. Don’t forget to comment or drop me a message if you have any questions or tips!

Enjoy your dairy-free liberation!



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