BodyMe Bars

BodyMe Protein Bars are THE latest sensation in vegan protein. With 16g of protein and less than 252 calories per bar, you’d be mad to miss them. There are three available varieties of BodyMe bars:

  • Cacao Orange
  • Cacao Mint
  • Chia Vanilla

I tried all three, and thought I knew which one my favourite would be. I was wrong – scroll down to find out my favourites.



Each one of the BodyMe range one has a distinct taste but all have a similar texture. It’s a very dense bar but with a natural texture from the includsion of dates. There is a very subtle powdery texture from BodyMe’s plant protein blend (pea protein; brown rice protein; hemp protein). Some graininess is expected with high protein bars, though this is one of the most subtle textures I have found, thanks to BodyMe’s all-natural ingredients.

The texture is somewhere between nut butter and marzipan. It’s dense and breaks like marzipan, but is sticky enough to cling to your mouth (and stick in your teeth!)




Chia Vanilla

This one surprised me so much! I thought it’d be very plain and my least favourite. In fact, there is a familiar and flavoursome chia taste. To be honest I hadn’t realised chia had a flavour until trying this, as I’d only had chia seeds whole and not noticed it so much. It’s light and refreshing

The Vanilla is quite strong. At 2% vanilla extract I actually found it too strong. There is a nice cacao undertone throughout though, which leaves a good aftertaste.

The Chia Vanilla BodyMe bar is well-balanced, wholesome and not too sweet, thanks to it’s plant-based goodness. This bar also has 10% more fibre than BodyMe’s other organic protein bars, at 3.6g compared to 3.3g.

I rank this 2nd.



Cacao Orange

There’s a delicate and natural chocolate orange scent when you open this one. Nothing artificial like you sometimes get with protein bars, or mass-produced chocolate.

Similar to the Chia Vanilla bar, BodyMe Cacao Orange has a blended taste that is earthy from plant protein, cashews and dates, yet subtly sweet from its coconut nextar and orange oil. The cacao nibs throughout make for a delicious intermittent crunch, which was a good surprise.

You can really taste coconut nectar here. I found it very satisfying. This was my favourite. Number 1.




Cacao Mint

Cacao Mint disappointed me. I thought it would be my favourite but something wasn’t quite there for me. Try it though – it may be your favourite instead!

Again, the flavour is strong, the same as with Cacao Orange and Chia Vanilla. The mint is so sharp that it tingles the tongue as you eat it. Even afterwards there is a minty aftertaste. It reminded me of an after dinner mint. I found this a bit unbalanced, as the strong taste doesn’t work as well in a big protein bar compared to a small after dinner mint.

Some crunchy cacao nibs are a nice touch in this protein bar, the same as Cacao Orange.




BodyMe Organic Protein Bar – Nutritional Information

From top to bottom: Cacao Orange; Cacao Mint; Chia Vanilla


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