Dairy Free & Vegan Stroopwafels

Stroopwafels are one of the best things about spending half my time in The Netherlands. They’re my favourite Dutch foodstuff. And guess what – I found the dairy free ones!

Traditional stroopwafels, or syrup waffles, are made from two thin circles of baked dough, bound with a caramel syrup filling in the middle. They are traditionally full of butter. I was convinced though that dairy free stroopwafels must exist, so I’ve done lots of research… Finally I found these!



Molenaartje make syrup waffles with soya and wheat syrup instead of butter and caramel, and have the option of a honey waffle too. They’re pictured above.

Billy’s Farm are my favourite though. They’re available either in a dairy-free Spelt Honey Waffle (my favourite!) or certified vegan made with Wheat Syrup.


About Billy’s Farm

Billy’s Farm is the brand for tasty organic cookies without refined sugar. Their products are sweetened with syrups from cereals and fruits, resulting from the demand for biscuits without sugar.

The whole range of cookies are organic and food allergies such as wheat, soya, eggs, milk, etc., are all considered within their range.

The Vegan brand guarantees the vegan nature of certain Billy’s Farm products: they contain no animal ingredients. No milk ingredients or eggs are used in their bakeries, and suppliers of ingredients must also ensure that no cross contamination has taken place, such as in chocolate.

You can buy dairy free and vegan stroopwafels at www.dieetwebshop.nl

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