If you’ve been reading for a while, you will have spotted iChoc Vegan Chocolate listed in my Best Vegan Chocolate Bars blog post. iChoc is a German brand, and they believe “vegan chocoholics should no longer have to suffer”!

iChoc EXPEDITION hit the shelves in March 2017. The bars looks like this:


When iChoc announced their release, I got my hands on them as soon as possible. I was traveling in Amsterdam, and after a brief interchange on Twitter, iChoc pointed me towards Ekoplaza, a health food chain in Amsterdam centre. So thumbs up for customer service.

iChoc EXPEDITION Bars at Ekoplaza

The two new iChoc EXPEDITION flavours are SUNNY ALMOND (Dark Almond Nougat Crisp), and JUNGLE BITES (Tiger Nut & Cacao Nibs).

The two flavours are quite different to one another, so let’s start with the milder of the two.


Cocoa Solids: 31% minimum

The Sunny Almond bar was a delight from the first bite. The chocolate is made with almonds and coconut blossom sugar as the dominant ingredients. The flavour immediately features caramel notes, with the vanilla coming through in the aftertaste.

iChoc’s EXPEDITION bars are thin chocolate bars, which can go one of two ways. Either you can enjoy them as a lighter snack than normal chocolate, and enjoy that the chocolate is thinner and more delicate than other bars. Or, like me, you can eat chunks that are twice as big as normal, to make up for the thinness of the bars.

The bar itself did not snap cleanly in the same way as some other chocolate bars. Instead it is softer, and breaks more gently. This was at room temperature.

The almond element of Sunny Almond is tiny almond pieces, which add a very subtle nutty texture. This is not a Fruit & Nut bar, with large nuts that you need to chew through. The smaller pieces of almond make for a more subtle and delicate almond flavour.

I found the Sunny Almond EXPEDITION bar absolutely delicious. It is one of the best new chocolate bars I have tasted this year!



Cocoa Solids: 52% minimum

The JUNGLE BITES Tiger Nut & Cacao Nibs EXPEDITION bar is a darker and more mysterious beast than SUNNY ALMOND. Where SUNNY ALMOND plays on subtly and delicateness, the Tiger Nut & Cacao Nibs bar is richer and much more complex in flavour and texture.

First observation; it’s crunchy! Both the nuts and cacao nibs give this chocolate bar a lot of bite. The cacao nibs in particular offer a crunch that is unusual in your average chocolate bar. It’s a real treat.

The flavour is rich but smooth, with a strong semi-sweet taste of cacao throughout. The JUNGLE BITES bar is also visibly darker than SUNNY ALMOND, with 52% cocoa solids compared to 31%. It’s truly cacao at its best; this chocolate bar tastes like it’s almost good for you!


iChoc EXPEDITION Bars JUNGLE BITES with bite mark



iChoc EXPEDITION bars are brand new products. Both bars are available at ichoc.de/en/

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