If you know me, you’ll know that I love Ms Cupcake, Brixton! I first reviewed their Banana Choc Chip cupcakes after Ms Cupcake partnered with Whole Foods. But I’d already been enjoying Ms Cupcake’s vegan cupcakes for a long, long time before that.

I still remember tasting ‘The Ambassador’ Ferrero Rocher-style vegan cupcake with chocolate and hazelnut! It was amazing, and full of flavour. These vegan cakes have just got better and better over the years, with Ms Cupcake’s Vegan Red Velvet Cake recently featured in The Evening Standard’s best vegan cakes to order in London. They’re simply indulgent sweet treats, freshly made, and beautifully presented.

In celebration of the fact that Ms Cupcake is now available to order online – with over 50 products to choose from! – here’s a list of some of my favourite ever bakes from Ms Cupcake, Brixton. They’re split into:

  • Vegan Cupcakes
  • Cookies & Cookie Sandwiches
  • Brownies & Squares



Ms Cupcake, Brixton – The Cupcakes!

The Ambassador – Chocolate & Hazelnut

Food porn at its finest


Blackberry Cheesecake

My first ever Instagram post – all inspired by finding Ms Cupcake in Brixton!


Raspberry & Lemon

Zing! You’ve had your tongue tingled by lemon and raspberry.


Tea & Biscuit (Golden Oreo)

Somehow I think this could become a British classic and an American classic all in one


Jaffa Cake

Imagine a Jaffa Cake, except that the middle is 10 times the size. Yeah, that’s Ms Cupcake’s vegan Jaffa Cake cupcake!


Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Why have coffee and a cake when you could just have extra cake?


Speculoos | Biscoff

Depending where you’re from, you might call this flavour Speculoos or Biscoff. Either way, it’s a delicious caramelised biscuit that makes one awesome cupcake flavour!


Cherry Cheesecake

As if the frosting and cherry jam wasn’t good enough, there’s a hidden surprise inside this tasty morsel…


Banana Choc Chip

It even looks like a banana! One of my original favourites, that I took great joy in reviewing — Ms Cupcake Banana Choc Chip


Black Forest Gateau

One of the winter flavours, hopefully Ms Cupcake, Brixton will reprise the Black Forest Gateau cupcake this year!


Mulled Berry

Gahh, drool… I don’t even have words any more ??


Rhubard Custard Crumble

Sweet but also tart. The Rhubarb Custard Crumble cupcake is one to prove that vegan frosting can still be creamy, even without cream!



Ms Cupcake, Brixton – Cookies & Cookie Sandwiches!

Cinnamon Cookies

One of the classics. I love Ms Cupcake’s cinnamon cookies because they’re just sweet enough, without being excessive. This is a simpler flavour compared to some of the others below. For me, cinnamon always wins, so it’s a regular favourite of mine.


Salted Caramel Pecan Cookie

Can’t go wrong with salted caramel. Combined with the crunchy complement of pecan nuts, it’ll drive you wild!


Bounty Cookie Sandwiches

Whaaaaaaaaaat? Is this real life? I’ve never seen these in real life myself. If you’ve tried them, please tell me what they’re like!


Red Velvet Cookies

Another classic. You’ll usually find this one on the shelves at Ms Cupcake, Brixton!



Peanut Butter & Jam Cookie Sandwiches

Is it Peanut Butter & Jam? Is it Peanut Butter Jelly? Who cares, it’s delicious.

Our super-popular Peanut Butter and Jam cookie sandwiches are back in at the bakery!

A post shared by mscupcakeuk (@mscupcakeuk) on


Red Velvet Cookie Sandwich

The first cookie sandwich I ever tried from Ms Cupcake. I personally couldn’t eat anything else for quite some time afterwards as it was so filling! Also veeeeery sweet. I went for a run to work it off, as soon as I’d finished digesting. Gosh darn, it’s good though.


Ms Cupcake, Brixton – Brownies & Squares!

Bakewell Tart Slice

Have you ever tried making Bakewell Tarts at home? I have. It takes hours. Save yourself and buy one of Ms Cupcake’s Bakewell Tart slices instead. It’s everything you want it to be and more.


Peanut Butter Nanaimo

Does marbling get any more perfect than this?


Millionaire Shortbread

As listed in Tasty Tuesdays Top 10 by About Time Magazine


Caramel Banana Nut Brownie

Gooey, crunchy, sticky, sweet, chocolate, super mega yummy.


Cookie Dough Brownie

A thick layer of cookie dough to top off an already perfect brownie ?


Take the Cookie Dough Brownie and bake it… what do you get? The Brookie! As featured in The Metro!

Red Velvet Brownie

So red. So tasty.


Red Velvet Oreo Brownie

Ok, last one. So let’s make it a good one. The same as the Ms Cupcake Red Velvet Brownie above, but layered and interspersed with Oreo goodness.

Well that’s the end of my Ms Cupcake review! I’m such a big fan of Ms Cupcake vegan cupcakes, and I hope you are now too! Find out more at mscupcake.co.uk. Or, if you want to bake your own, check out the book (also on Kindle): Ms Cupcake: The Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town.

Hungry to try them for yourself? Order online today, or visit 408 Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8LF. Ms Cupcake calls them the naughtiest vegan cakes in town!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love getting Miss Cupcake when I’m in London! Didn’t know you could order online. The Almond Sea Salt Brownie is my fave.

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