Perfect World | Caramel Pecan

Perfect World Ice Cream Alternative is dairy free, gluten free and contains no added sugar. It’s different to other dairy free ice cream alternatives due to a drastically reduced sugar content. In fact, Perfect World Caramel Pecan is less than 1% sugar. Yep, you read that right! Less than 1%.

Coconut milk forms the basis of this tasty treat, and a combination of natural sweeteners ensure it stays delicious while not spiking your sugar levels. It’s also pretty low calorie at 85kcal per scoop.


Perfect World Caramel Pecan

I tried Perfect World Caramel Pecan. It’s the first flavour I’ve found on the shelves. Others include Double Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Carrot Cake. A Taste of Carrot Cake is the highest in sugar at 2.1g per 100g – how insanely low is that!

Caramel Pecan was a great first try of Perfect World. The flavour was well balanced, and it didn’t taste artificially sweetened. I loved the inclusion of pecans for a subtle crunch. I’d happily have eaten the whole tub at once!

The packaging is playful, recognisable and most of all very clear. The ‘Dairy Free’ lid was so helpful in the supermarket, and means you can’t miss it! It’s sadly not vegan though – sorry vegans.

You can find out more about Perfect World Ice Cream at Follow Perfect World on Facebook and Twitter.

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