Pret a Manger Chana Chaat Flatbread


Wherever you are in Central London, there’s a Pret a Manger nearby. And with over 350 stores globally, the same is true in many big cities. Pret is a chain that’s slowly working its way into absolutely everywhere. So you’ve probably noticed!

Pret a Manger launched a ‘VEGGIE PRET’ popup in London in 2016, with the intention of trialling a new range of veggie and vegan Pret a Manger products, and learning from customer feedback. Did you go? I did; it was super-cool.

Well VEGGIE PRET decided to stay permanently open, and all the better for it, as there are now heaps of new dairy-free, vegetarian and and vegan Pret options appearing one after the other!

The Pret a Manger Chana Chaat Flatbread was my favourite from the start. It’s an Indian flat bread with chana chaat chickpeas, mango compote, coconut yoghurt, red peppers, spinach and coriander.

Chana chaat is a light combination of spices, which is often prepared with potato as well as chick peas as part of a larger meal. The Pret Chana Chaat Flatbread manages to capture that influence. It has a mild spicy undertone that’s complemented and balanced by the creamy coconut, zingy mango and citrus coriander flavours throughout. The spinach then adds a delicious crunch with every bite!

It’s vegan, contains 14.7g of protein, and is only 387 calories too! And in case you didn’t spot it above, PETA UK voted the Pret a Manger Chana Chaat Flatbread “Vegan Sandwich of The Year, 2016”. So you can guarantee it’s awesome.

If you’re after a tasty and satisfying lunch, head for the Chana Chaat Flatbread next time you visit Pret!

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