Need vegan chocolate chips?

Many options are available when you know where to look!

So where can you buy vegan chocolate chips… While most vegan chocolate chips brands are similar, I’ve separated them out into Baking and Snacking, as each brand’s chocolate chips come in different size packs. Here are my top picks.




Vegan Dark Chocolate Chips


Some major UK supermarkets stock vegan dark chocolate chips (aka semi-sweet chocolate chips). Sainsbury’s Dark Chocolate Chips and Waitrose Cooks’ Dark Chocolate Chunks are both reliable dairy free options. Check the ingredients list if you’re not sure though. You’re unlikely to find milk listed, but it’s always best to check. For example, Tesco’s dark chocolate chips contain milk, so you can’t be too careful


Vegan Milk Chocolate Chips


D & D and Moo Free are the two main suppliers for vegan milk chocolate chips. I’m particularly delighted to see Moo Free diversifying into these, after launching in snack-size chocolate bars. Both brands have a subtle flavour, balanced out with a little vanilla. They are great for vegan chocolate chip cookies!


Vegan White Chocolate Chips


King David vegan white chocolate chips are a lifesaver; they’re the only supplier I know selling vegan white chocolate chips in bulk! Check out customer reviews for these and there are a few comments from non-vegans who didn’t like the taste or texture compared with dairy chocolate, but if you’re dairy free or vegan, you’ll just love to have vegan white chocolate that tastes so close to normal white chocolate!




Vegan Dark Chocolate Chips

Beyond Dark make the best dairy free dark chocolate chips around. Their ‘Moments of Pleasure’ are 70% chocolate in little bitesize buttons. They even have an dark chocolate orange variation!

You can also snack on the dark chocolate chunks listed above in the baking section, from Sainsbury’s or Waitrose for example. But why not treat yourself to something designed to be enjoyed on its own?


Vegan Milk Chocolate Chips

Moo Free, D&D and Choices are your three brands here. Each has their own quirky name – I personally love Moo Free’s ‘scrummy’ description:

  • Moo Free Scrummy Organic Dairy Free Alternative to Milk Chocolate Drops
  • D&D Dairy Free Chocolate Drops
  • Choices Choc Buttons


Vegan White Chocolate Chips

Choices Dairy Free White Chocolate Buttons (Rondellos) are stocked in Sainsbury’s or available on Amazon. Vegan white chocolate is always slightly sticky and overly sweet, so these 25 gram bags are the perfect size in my opinion. Enough to satisfy a craving, without making you feel queasy!


It’s a tough call to say who makes the best vegan chocolate chips, as it’s such a new product range for most vegan chocolate brands. But there are plenty of vegan chocolate chips brands to choose from. Let me know in the comments if I’ve missed any of your favourites!


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