Vivani Vegan White Nougat Crisp

Ever since I gave up dairy, I’ve enjoyed searching for (and testing!) dairy free chocolate. I mean, I love chocolate. It’s the thing I blog about the most. Today, good dairy free and vegan chocolate is so much easier to find that it used to be. As new brands appeared over the years, I’ve tried almost every one! And Vivani White Nougat Crisp is one that stands out.

Vivani are one of the most widely renowned brands. Their Vegan Nougat Crisp bar shot to fame quickly and captured the hearts of many. Vivani were one of the first to take on the challenge of producing a vegan white chocolate bar alternative. And they did it using rice milk, instead of soya. A big development for those that are both dairy and soy intolerant!

Vivani is available in both 35g and 100g bars. Here’s how they look:



Vivani Vegan Nougat Crisp – The Taste Test

On first bite, you’ll notice a soft and silky texture, similar to praline. This is not your conventional chocolate bar with a snap as you break off each piece. Instead, Vivani is halfway to between a chocolate and a truffle.

The ‘crisp’ element is evident from the first bite, but not overpowering. There are a few small crisp pieces to each bite, but it’s more of a complement to the overall flavour.



The taste itself is a lovely delicate flavour, reminiscent of hazelnut, and with its sugar content balanced out by the kind of earthy sweetness that you can only get with rice milk.

I highly recommend Vivani to anyone that’s looking for a milk chocolate or white chocolate alternative. It’s something different; you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Find out more about Vivani at, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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